Self-balancing scooter

10 Best Self-Balancing Scooters in 2020 [REVIEWS]

Self-balancing scooter

You perhaps want to own a self-balancing scooter to enhance your mobility from one point to another. Also known as hoverboards, self-balancing scooters became all the rage a few years ago. They are even more popular now and have become mainstream objects of mobility. It is simply thrilling to have to ride on two wheels in such an effortless way.

But finding the best self-balancing scooters can be a tough ask. First, not all self-balancing scooters have the features you are looking for. Many people have complained about their scooter batteries getting short-circuited and other reliability issues. Besides these setbacks, there are great electric self-balancing boards that you should definitely check out.

We’ve made it our duty to bring you the best reviews on the latest high tech scooters that have passed the test of quality and reliability. These scooters have our outright confidence.

  1. Hyper GOGO

Safety is a top priority when shopping for the right hoverboard. Hyper GOGO is a reliably designed self-balancing scooter that combines safety with a little bit of ruggedness. It is suitable for use in all terrains and comes standard with ground adaptability. This beast of a hoverboard is able to tackle all kinds of surfaces while ensuring a smooth ride. Beginners and amateurs will find this self-balancing scooter easy to ride and a lot of fun because of its special design which allows you to master the art of balancing within minutes.

Our favorite feature has to be the integrated Bluetooth speaker which allows you to listen to music on the go. Unlike many other hoverboards out there, these speakers are really good quality.  On top of that, the RGB illuminate lights add to the overall cool ambiance and light the way even when the sun sets. However, you have to be on the lookout for charge leaks as they may be quite common in some models. Overall, the Hyper GOGO can be a thoughtful gift for you or your loved one.


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