7 Tips for Choosing The Best Travel Iron: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are constantly searching for the best travel iron, then you might consider going for the most efficient travel irons out there.

A travel iron is an essential accessory especially if you are accustomed to regular travels as it allows you to look your best at all times. A travel iron should be practical and sized to fit into your backpack or luggage bag.

Unlike a standard iron, a travel iron is significantly smaller and compact in structure to aid in packing and practicality. While smaller in size, they still offer the same power as regular irons but designed for a different purpose.

For your next travel, choosing the best travel iron should be easy when you follow our guide. In this buying guide, we not only focused on the best travel iron’s power and size but also temperature range, water capacity, and heating time. All of which are critical to finding the best travel iron.

Why do you need a mini iron? What makes the best travel iron?

When you are on the go or traveling for a vacation, you want to carry as much as you can without taking much luggage space. A mini travel iron is a great companion for business or pleasure trips as it is small in size and can easily pack into your travel bag.

For important meetings and presentations, looking your best isn’t an option. For this reason, a mini iron is an absolute necessity in your itinerary plans. It removes the wrinkles and packing-induced creases which can often ruin your polished look.

No matter how well you pack your clothes, it’s tough to keep all your clothes looking sharp. However, with a mini iron, you can rest assured you’ll beat the creases and dazzle in your presentation.

Features to look for when buying the best travel iron

When it comes to buying and owning the best travel iron, there are key features you should look out for if you want a handsome return on your investment. According to our expert insight, these key features are vital for the best mini iron for your travel needs.

Temperature range and settings

Nowadays, our clothes are made out of a wide range of materials. One iron temperature is not suitable for all types of clothing material.

If you are planning to travel with different types of clothing, then you need to factor in whether your travel iron can safely iron out all types of clothing without causing burn damages. You want a travel iron that provides temperature settings for all types of cloth materials.

You should have at least 3 temperature settings and a dial range that allows the iron’s general temperature. Make sure to check that both the maximum and the minimum temperatures of the iron are safe for ironing your specific clothing material.


The wattage of your mini travel iron affects both the performance and speed. The higher the wattage, the better the performance of the iron and its general efficiency. However, when it comes to travel irons, there’s somewhat of a misleading reputation long-held when it comes to overall efficiency.

Many people falsely believe that travel irons have lower wattage which consequently affects their performance. This is not true. In fact, many people already use travel irons for regular home ironing with their power more than enough to iron out any type of material.

Water capacity

Increasingly, many travelers are opting for travel irons with a steam facility. Luckily, some of the best travel irons today come standard with a steam function just like standard irons. For most travel iron owners, the water capacity of the steam function is just as important. It reduces the frequency of refills between ironing. Getting an excellently sized water capacity is extremely crucial.

Size and weight

The best travel irons are designed to be smaller in size and lighter to allow for easier packing and carrying around. The overall smaller size of a travel iron makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go without taking much luggage space. Also, the fact that you may be traveling most of the time with your luggage in different airports, you want to avoid as many safety and luggage issues as possible. This means taking into consideration the size and weight of the iron. Fortunately, most travel irons are compact and miniscule for portability purposes.

Ergonomic design

While most mini irons are compact, not many are comfortable for extended use as they can get clumsy especially if you have large hands. In order to overcome size and weight barriers, the ergonomic aspect of many mini irons is compromised. It is important to get an idea of how comfortable a particular model feels and decide whether you can use it for ironing for longer periods. If you have large hands, you may want to go with a mini iron that is ergonomically designed for comfort so you prevent hand aches, pain, and fatigue with an extended period of use. Remember to avoid going for an undersized iron as this may present difficulty with ironing.

Product warranty

If you need the extra peace of mind for your mini steam travel iron investment, opting for a travel iron with a product warranty protects you against product defects. It is not often that you will be traveling or actually using your travel iron, but it is important to have a warranty in case it stops working all of a sudden. It can be hugely disappointing to have your iron stop working and have no warranty. It is recommended to look out for those iron models with at least one year warranty or a money-back guarantee.

Additional features

Besides the core features that we’ve mentioned above, it is always a good thing to have an iron that has a host of additional features. Some features may be very useful to you, while others you may never actually need to use.

Nevertheless, some extra features add to the overall appeal of the product and make it a more user-friendly appliance. For example, some irons come with extra-long cords that enhance its practicality.

Other features such as anti-slip handles make iron a little more comfortable and safe. Keep in mind whether the iron that you plan on purchasing has extra features that add to the overall performance and comfort of the travel steam iron.       

How to increase the lifespan of your steam travel iron

As with other types of irons, the more care you take with your iron, the more efficient it will remain and serve you for a longer period of time. Taking care of your iron includes storing it away carefully, wrapping the cord nicely, and following the manufacturer’s guidelines for use.

Make sure that your steam travel iron is properly refilled with distilled water and that you use the correct settings when ironing. Most travel irons come with a travel bag for easier storage when traveling.

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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I’m traveling to a country with a different voltage?

It is important to look up the recommended voltage for your travel mini iron to avoid the danger of damaging it or even worse, blowing a fuse and causing an electric fault. Find out whether you can use your travel iron in your country of destination. Here’s how a surge protector works to protect you from electric faults.

Some specific travel irons provide dual voltage travel irons options which can be a good thing in most cases. However, you will need a separate power adaptor to accommodate different power outlets.

Is it safe to use a travel iron at home instead of a regular iron?

Most people assume they can only use a mini steam travel iron only when they are on vacation or further away from home.

Sometimes, a travel iron can be used instead of a regular iron on the odd occasion you need to save on extra room, or simply just want a cheaper iron.

Typically, steam travel irons cost much less than your standard iron. However, they are not typically designed to be used frequently and with all types of clothing. So it is safe to use a mini iron at home whenever you need a quick iron.

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