5 Best Car Amplifiers for Bass (2022)

When it comes to audio equipment, bass tends to get the short end of the stick. People who enjoy listening to music with heavy bass will often find that their vehicle’s built-in speaker system doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to delivering that strong low-end sound they crave.

But car amplifiers can help you take your music enjoyment to the next level—especially if you’re looking for an amplifier with clean bass tones and plenty of power under the hood. With these five best car amplifiers for bass in mind, your music enjoyment will never be the same again!

Best Car Amplifiers for Bass Reviews





Rockford Fosgate R300X4

Kenwood KAC-D5101

Skar Audio SK-M4004D

JL Audio XD600

BOSS Audio Systems PT1000

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M

If you enjoy listening to hard-core hip hop and/or other types of music with a lot of bass, then you know that there is nothing like the feeling and/or vibration you get while blasting it through your car speakers. 

When shopping for the best car amplifiers for bass, however, you want to choose one that will not blow out your speakers or put excess stress on them. So if this is your goal, then you need the right amplifier. To help you decide on the right choice, I have reviewed several of the top amplifiers for bass in the market today.

1) Rockford Fosgate R300X4 Prime 4-Channel Class D Car Amplifier (Best Value)

Looking to bump up your car’s bass without breaking your budget? The Rockford Fosgate R300X4 Prime Class D amplifier has what you need to do just that, with 150 watts of peak power. It is one of the best car amplifiers for bass with a great sound quality. 

Not only is it powerful enough to deliver clean sound quality, but it also has a variable low-pass filter and subsonic filter so you can optimize it for your speakers. 

The 4-channel design means you can install more than one set of speakers in your vehicle. For around $100, we highly recommend adding a Rockford amp to your car audio system. 

2) Kenwood KAC-5001PS 4 Channel 500 Watt Peak Car Audio Amp (Best Quality)

When you’re looking for a powerful car amplifier with quality to back it up, Kenwood is a brand that usually springs to mind. 

The Kenwood KAC-5001PS is another great example of why Kenwood remains one of our favorite brands when it comes to producing high-quality products. It may not be as well known as some other brands on our list, but don’t underestimate its impressive 500W peak power and ability to deliver crystal clear sound at extreme volumes. 

This thing can push out some serious bass! We also like how easy it is to install; most people will have everything they need (including screwdrivers) included in their purchase.

3) Skar Audio VD400.4 400 Watt Dual Channel Class AB 4 Ohm Stable (Coolest Looking/Best Brand Name)

If you’re looking to amplify your car or truck’s bass, no other brand name is as highly respected as Skar Audio. For me, Skar represented everything I wanted in a subwoofer amplifier. Based on what I had already seen and heard of their quality, I was able to purchase with confidence that my expectations would be met or exceeded. 

As an entry-level Skar amplifier, VD400.4 dual channel amplifier gets 10/10 ratings across all major review websites which meant it would do exactly what I needed it to do at a price point that wasn’t going to break my bank account. 

With 400W of total power (200W x 2CH), excellent looks (molded black steel casing) and some pretty useful features like adjustable high pass filter, input level control (front & rear) – allowing more versatility when connecting multiple sound sources (headphones or additional amp channels). 

The best part? This $300 class AB monoblock bass amp has superior clarity via custom precision tuning that gives away its more expensive competition! 

And did I mention how great these look? Because they really are cool! Highly recommended if you want something reliable but don’t want to spend more than $300. You get real value for money with these amplifiers.

4) JL Audio 500/1v2 500 Watt RMS Monoblock Class D 1 Ohm Car Amp (Loudest & Most Durable Brand Name)

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of JL Audio, and their subwoofers are some of my favorites. So when they also make car amplifiers that are on par with what you find in most commercial cars, I take notice. 

But seriously—if you want some high-quality bass in your vehicle, look no further than JL Audio’s line of amps, which start at $250 and can handle up to 2 ohms of impedance. 

It is a solid amp and looks great. It is also compact and you will have no trouble installing it under your front seat.  

5) BOSS Audio Systems PT1000 2 Channel Car Amplifier

The BOSS Audio Systems PT1000 is one of those amplifiers that gives you more than you pay for. It has a compact design, but it’s durable and has enough power to crank out some strong bass lines. 

The amp also gets really loud, but it won’t distort at high volumes. Whether you need an amplifier to power your subwoofer or other audio components, this should be your go-to choice. 

Plus, it’s got a stylish exterior, including a backlit LED that matches well with most modern cars. If you want something powerful and attractive on a budget, look no further than the BOSS Audio Systems PT1000 2 Channel Car Amplifier.

6) BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier

The BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier is a powerful amplifier that delivers an awesome 300 watts of peak power and 900 watts of RMS power. 

This ultra-compact unit is perfect for adding bass to your sound system. Not only will it help you get awesome bass, but it also features low impedance protection, thermal overload protection, and a fan cooling system. 

You can connect up to two subwoofers with its built-in subsonic filter, line out connection, remote sub level control, speaker level input connections. It’s an all-around impressive subwoofer amp that any car audio enthusiast would love.



Does A Car Amplifier improve bass?

To answer that question, it’s important to know what a car amplifier does. An amplifier is basically an electronic device that takes one input signal and outputs another. 

In most cases, it takes an electrical signal from your car stereo receiver and increases its voltage before sending it to your subwoofer. 

Many modern cars come with amplifiers built into their receivers, but if yours doesn’t have one or if you want more power or control over your bass, then you should consider buying a standalone amp.

What are the best amp settings for bass in a car?

For getting a good sound out of your car amplifiers, you’ll need to tweak your settings. The settings will differ depending on how you like your bass and what kind of music you’re listening to. 

However, there are some common settings that work well across genres. You can find these settings by searching best car amp bass settings or best car amp tweeter settings. There are no hard-and-fast rules for dialing in the perfect base.

Conclusion: Choosing the best car amplifier for bass

Music plays a major role in our lives. Music around us always brings joy to our day, but once in a while, even an experienced audiophile may feel that his or her system is not giving the sound expected of it. 

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In order to fix the problem, one must first identify the root cause and correct it as required. To help you decide on the right choice, several of the best car amplifiers for bass in the market today were reviewed and compared.

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