5 Best Car Amplifiers for Subwoofer in 2022

You’ve just purchased an amazing subwoofer and now you need to purchase an amplifier to go with it! This can be overwhelming as there are so many brands and styles of car amplifiers out there, all claiming to be the best car amplifiers for subwoofers. 

With help from my colleagues, who have many years of experience using and installing car amplifiers, we decided to put together a list of our top 5 favorite car amplifiers for subwoofers based on price, features, and reliability.

Top 5 Car Amplifiers for Subwoofers

1) BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier

The BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier is one of my favorite amplifiers. One feature that I really like about it is its ability to get really loud and produce a lot of power without distortion or clipping. 

This makes it very easy to get crystal clear sound and amazing bass while listening to music in your car, truck, boat, etc. 

Another great feature about it is how versatile it is. It comes with two channels, making it perfect for powering both subwoofers or high-performance speakers plus subwoofers.

2) Kicker 46CXA1200.1 1200-Watt Class D Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier

The Kicker 46CXA1200.1 is a 1200-watt Class D Monoblock subwoofer amplifier that’s ideal for small spaces and tight installs. This 1-ohm stable powerhouse will run up to two subwoofers, making it easy to set up multi-sub systems or upgrade old ones. 

It has an impressive 600 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms, with 1200 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms. With extremely low distortion across its wide power range, this amp won’t compromise on sound quality when powering even hard-hitting subs at high volume levels. 

You can control bass frequencies using built-in variable high-pass and low-pass crossovers, while you also get protection against short circuits, thermal overloads and overvoltage conditions.

3) Planet Audio PL3000.1D Class D Car Amplifier

If you’re looking to really bump your bass, look no further than Planet Audio’s PL3000.1D amplifier, which is not only built to handle up to 2,000 watts of maximum power, but also packs a whopping 1,000-watt RMS at 2 ohms or 800 watts RMS at 4 ohms. 

That means your system will be loud and clear even when you hit those bumps in the road. 

And if that doesn’t sound like enough juice for you, consider what happens when you bridge two subwoofer channels with bridged output to your sub(s): 8 ohm loads are handled with 800 watts RMS per channel, while 4 ohm loads are handled with 1600 watts. Now that’s power! 

And once you get things set up correctly—and have some experience under your belt—you can experiment with boosting low-frequency signal via frequency sweeps during recording sessions.

4) Planet Audio TR3000.1D Class D Car Amplifier – 3000 Watts

If you’re looking to bring it with a big, big bang, check out Planet Audio’s TR3000.1D Class D Car Amplifier – 3000 Watts. This bad boy kicks out a serious 3,000 watts of power – just enough to shake your trunk and rattle your windows! It easily earns its rank as one of the best car amplifiers for subwoofer.

It also comes with a remote control, which allows you to change your sound from outside of your car. 

It features 0-180° phase control, allowing it to be adjusted according to your needs. You can even use its wired remote bass level controller when you don’t want to reach over and adjust settings manually. 

This amplifier has 6 AWG speaker terminals, 10 AWG power & ground terminals, 4 AWG trigger input terminals. This compact amp weighs 17 pounds and measures 11 x 6 x 6.

5) Sound Storm EV1500M Evolution 1500 Watts

This car amplifier delivers a maximum power of 1500 watts, with its most impressive feature being its 1550-watt peak/1500-watt RMS rating. When you’re ready to take your sound system to another level, it’s time to consider Sound Storm EV1500M Evolution. 

At 1500 watts, it’s one of the most powerful subwoofer amps you can buy. Plus, it can run two subwoofers simultaneously, which is great if you have a pair of 12-inch subs in your trunk. Also has a USB charging port so you can keep your phone charged while listening to music.

One con: This amp gets pretty hot after extended use, which means you’ll have to let it cool down before hitting play again.

Powerful and capable, without sacrificing anything in terms of sound quality, makes it one of our top picks. Sound Storm ensures that each product is built with only top-quality components to ensure that they perform exceptionally well at all times. 

If you need a car amp to give your audio system some serious muscle, then look no further than Sound Storm EV1500M Evolution. Another major selling point is its price tag; it offers excellent value for money given what it offers.

If you’re looking for something affordable but also deliver good performance then these amps are definitely worth considering.

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Conclusion: Choosing the best car amplifiers for subwoofer

Now that you know everything there is to know about car amplifiers, it’s time to decide which one fits your unique needs. The first step is figuring out exactly what you need an amplifier for. 

Do you already have a subwoofer system, or are you looking to pair up one of these powerful pieces of equipment with your new sub? Once you figure out your goals, look at each amplifier on our list. 

If you’re not sure how to differentiate between amps, go back and check out our car amplifier Buyer’s Guide. Of course, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us! We always love hearing from people who are passionate about car audio. Best of luck with your car amp search!

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