Best Pink Noise Machines for Sleep: Which Is Worth Your Money?

Most people with sleeping problems use some form of white noise to help them fall asleep, but there are also several other noises that can be used. Pink noise is one alternative for those who do not like the sound of white noise. Finding the best pink noise machines for sleep can help solve your sleeping problems.

What is pink noise? Simply put, it’s a type of random but soothing sounds that are not too loud or soft. Pink noise has similar properties to white noise, but it sounds less harsh and is easier to listen to for a longer period of time.

A lot of people have noticed that pink noise can help them sleep better than white noise as long as it is listened to at a low volume. The human brain interprets pink noise as being naturally occurring and this makes the sound more calming than white noise can be.

If you have been having trouble finding a good, inexpensive pink noise machine for your bedroom, we have compiled this list of the best pink noise machines for sleep.

Best Pink Noise Machines for Sleep Reviewed

If you suffer from insomnia, you know how difficult it can be to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Having the right tools on hand can make all the difference in your ability to sleep peacefully; it’s important to choose the right tools, though, because not all solutions are created equal! 

This roundup of the best pink noise machines for sleep will help you figure out which products might be right for you and your insomnia.

1) Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Black – Personal Fan with Pink Noise

Honeywell’s sleep sound machine delivers soothing sounds, perfect for a good night’s rest. With a full range of customizable features, it’s ideal to use in any environment—the bedroom, office or nursery. 

The sound-masking system creates four unique soundscapes to help you relax and fall asleep faster. These programs include White Noise, Ocean Waves, Summer Night and Rain Forest. 

It also features a timer that automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, which is great if you want to power down before bed. You can also control your device from anywhere with its remote control. 

To top it all off, it has a sleek modern design that fits perfectly into any decor style. It offers a lower volume option as well as an automatic brightness adjustment feature so your eyes aren’t strained at night while trying to fall asleep or stay asleep.

2) HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine

If you’re looking for a pink noise machine that’s both affordable and highly portable, HoMedics SoundSpa Relaxation Machine is a solid choice. This lightweight device features a sleek design, an easy-to-use touch interface, and comes equipped with eight soothing sounds to aid in relaxation. What makes it special is its Isochronic Tones Technology which creates two different tones, one to stimulate your brain and another to lull you into sleep. All in all, there are few better options on our list of best pink noise machines for sleep. And at under $20 ,it’s hard to beat!

3) Hatch Restore – Sound Machine, Smart Light, Personal Sleep Routine

One of our favorites is Hatch, a great-looking device that combines a sound machine with a smart light to help you wake up. It’s also one of few devices that can create pink noise, which sounds much more natural than static white noise and has been shown to have calming properties. 

One downside: Hatch’s app experience still needs work. The company was acquired by Sonos last year, but it doesn’t integrate with its app yet. To control your sunrise alarm clock, you’ll need to use an independent Android or iOS app. 

Other drawbacks include a flimsy power cable (it uses micro USB instead of Lightning or USB-C) and no separate volume controls on the speaker itself—you must adjust all audio levels through your phone or tablet. 

But if you like having something physical to turn off at night, Hatch’s wood veneer will look fantastic next to other connected home gadgets. Just be prepared for some bugs; even though Sonos acquired it in January 2018, we continue to see issues when testing with multiple phones running multiple operating systems.

4) Sound Oasis Pink Noise Bluetooth Sound Machine for Sleeping

This is one of our favorite models because it’s super easy to use, offers great sound quality with over 20 non-looping sounds, and has a classic design. Plus, you can take it with you wherever you go. 

The Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sound Machine also comes in three different colors: black, silver, and white. And speaking of portability, users say that they love its compact size—just 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.5 inches—and lightweight feel (less than 1 pound). It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth technology to your phone or other music players; but since it runs on a 500mAh rechargeable battery, you don’t have to worry about carrying around extra cords. 

It also features sleep timer settings through the Sound Oasis APP so that you can keep track of your desired session duration, as well as an included remote control if you want to adjust anything without getting out of bed. 

While many appreciate how soothing it sounds, others note that sometimes, there are cracks when transitioning from sound to silence. They also wish there were more volume levels available. 

5) Sound Sleep SE Sleep Sound Machine

A highly rated product, the Sound Sleep SE special is currently one of the best pink noise machines for sleep. One user described it as the Ferrari of noise machines and another said they fell asleep to the sound of rain falling on my bedroom window after listening to several white noise CDs. 

If you want to replicate that experience at home, check out Sound Sleep SE. Comes with 16 different ambient sounds including a large fan, a babbling brook and a thunderstorm. 

Users report great success using these sounds to mask other distractions in their environment, such as partner snoring or street traffic outside their windows. It’s also possible to create your own mix from scratch by dialing in some of your favorite instrumental tracks through its headphone jack or Bluetooth connectivity.

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6) Sonorest Sleep Tones

In a crowded market of sound machines, it’s nice to have a unique standout feature. In the case of Sonorest, that would be its ability to produce pink noise as well as its brown and white options. 

What is pink noise anyway? This type of white noise can help improve sleep by masking background noises so you’re less likely to wake up during a noisy shift in your environment. 

If your thoughts don’t exactly stop once you turn off your bedside lamp at night, then you might consider trying out different types of sleeping sound machines like those that produce pink noise. If Brown or White noise doesn’t do it for you – head over to our other reviews section where we cover Green and Red sounds.

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What is the best sound machine for tinnitus?

While they can’t cure tinnitus, sound machines can make your symptoms less noticeable. A new study has found that a pink noise machine is more effective than a white noise machine at blocking out sound and relieving tinnitus symptoms. 

While white noise blocks all frequencies in an equal manner, pink noise blocks low-frequency sounds in favor of high-frequency ones. This means it’s specifically designed to help block repetitive noises like traffic or snoring—it’s even sometimes used by musicians to tune their instruments. 

For people with tinnitus, then, it may be helpful to turn off that annoying fan you have in your bedroom; buy yourself a sound machine; and let sweet silence take over your ears tonight.

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