Best Surge Protectors for Gaming PC

You only know for sure that you need the best surge protector for your gaming PC when your equipment fries. But at that point, all the damage will be done.

A surge protector is an important component in every gamer’s arsenal. It ensures that expensive equipment doesn’t get fried by power surges or other electrical problems.

For a reasonable amount of money, you could add a vital layer of protection to your gaming PC and other electronics.

A surge protector allows electric current to pass through the outlets and to the plugged devices in the power strip. In the event where the voltage rises above the accepted level, the extra electricity is diverted into the outlets grounding wire. 

We are going to look at some of the best surge protectors for gaming PC

PDU Power Strip Surge Protector

There are a number of things we like about this power surge protector including the fact that it comes equipped with ac noise filters for removing unwanted radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

This helps to prolong the service life of your devices. The PDU power surge protector for gaming PCs will reliably throw its life on the line to protect your gaming PC from spikes and voltage fluctuations.

It comes with 8 power outlets so you can plug all your gaming devices easily. In addition, it features a decent 4 USB ports for charging your phone and other gadgets at the same time. The 12 feet cord is decent enough for most use cases.

Features We Like:

  • 8 Universal Power Outlets
  • 4 USB Charging Ports
  • Power Cord length: 12 feet
  • Universal rack mount

BESTEK 1500 Joules Surge Protector with Wireless Charger

If you are looking for a multifunctional power surge protector, then BESTEK is your best choice. It has a USB charging power station with up to 6 smart-charging ports. It also comes with a wireless charger.

The space-saving vertical design of this power surge protector is ideal for most gamers’ needs as it takes up much less space than a power strip; leaving you with enough room for the rest of your gaming setup.

In multiple tests, it can withstand about 1500 joules which is ideal for most gaming needs. It is well-built from sturdy material ensuring it lasts for a really long time.

Features we like:

  • Surge protection: 1500 joules
  • Wireless charging
  • 8 power outlets
  • Cord length: 6 feet
  • 6 USB Charging ports
  • Vertical design for space-saving

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector

If you are looking for a compact power surge protector with all the practical features, then this Belkin surge protector is what you need. It powers everything from your laptop, gaming PC, phone, camera, and other gadgets with its 8 or 12 power outlets.

The rotating outlets allow extra room for larger power bricks or AC adapters. It is rated 4320 joules ensuring it can adequately protect heavy appliances like gaming PCs, printers, and home theater systems.

This is the best compact power surge protector for traveling or for on-the-go gaming set up for a clutter-free experience. However, Belkin doesn’t have a warranty for this particular surge protector.

Features we like:

  • Compact space-saving build
  • 8 or 12 power outlets
  • 4320 joules
  • Cord length: 8 feet   

Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Power Strip

If your area is prone to lightning and power outages, this power surge protector can help prevent a catastrophe by absorbing the power spikes.

It can absorb up to 3330 joules ensuring maximum protection for your gaming PC and other equipment. It is perfect for your home office or entertainment set up too.

A generous 6-foot power cord offers enough flexibility and feels well-made and robust. 6 protected AC outlets are adequately spaced to give room to larger adapters. It has a metal housing that is fire-resistant and durable.

Features we like:

  • 6 power outlets
  • 3330 joules for maximum protection
  • 6ft. power cord length
  • Made out of a metal housing
  • Has diagnostic LEDs for detecting issues/problems

APC Surge Protector with USB Ports

APC surge protector is currently one of the best surge protectors for gaming PCs. It is ideal for offering surge protection to your computer from surges, spikes, and lightning.

This surge protector is not only a gaming PC surge protector but also has USB ports for connecting all your devices. On top of that, you get 11 power outlets with maximum surge protection of 2880 joules.

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The flat-against-the-wall outlet and an 8 ft. cord make this surge protector extremely useful. However, the USB ports may be a little underpowered but work just fine with lighter devices.

Features we like:

  • Space-saving design with enough outlet spacing
  • Maximum protection of 2880 joules
  • Power cord length is a useful 8ft long
  • 11 power outlets for multiple devices
  • 2 USB charging ports

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Surge Protector for Gaming PCs

Surge protectors are not equal, and certainly, all are not built for the same application. The primary goal of any surge protector is to keep your electronics safe.

If you are looking for a surge protector for your home entertainment system or gaming PC, then you might want to look out for certain key features.

Joule Rating

A high joule rating means that the power surge protector will be able to absorb more energy/”hits” when a spike occurs. While it isn’t necessarily the most important factor to consider, a high joule rating also means the surge protector can last longer.

USB Charging ports

Nowadays, most surge protectors come with at least 2 USB ports for charging your phone. This allows you to keep multiple devices powered at once and can be really handy for your gaming setup.

However, you will need to check the AMP rating of the USB ports, which are typically between 1A and 2A. The higher the AMP rating, the faster it will charge your device as it allows more electricity to come through the cable.

Power cord length

A bundle of messy power cords can mess up space around your gaming PC setup making an unwelcome distraction. You don’t want a surge protector with a power cord that is too long to end up creating a tangled mess.

Ideally, you should go for surge protectors with a power cord length of 6 feet and 8 feet maximum. It should be long enough to reach your gaming PC set-up and so that you don’t have to use cable racks to wind the excess length.

Clamping voltage

When it comes to surge protectors, the lower the clamping voltage the better and safer it is for your electronic devices.

Clamping voltage is the voltage at which the surge protector gets triggered to do its job (absorb excess spikes), therefore protecting your gaming PC or other home office equipment. You should aim for a maximum of 400 volts, or much less than that.


Most surge protectors for gaming PCs come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures in case of failure, your losses are covered. Any devices connected at the time of failure of the surge protector will be compensated under the warranty.

Check if there is a warranty for a specific model before buying it. Read and understand the terms and conditions that apply so you can have that extra peace of mind in the event the product has defects.

Number of sockets

How many sockets do you need for your gaming set-up? To have all your devices connected at once, you should consider going for a surge protector with at least 6 power outlets. The more outlets the better.

Consider also the spacing between each socket. You want to have widely spaced outlets to accommodate larger plugs.

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