How to Copy and Paste on Facebook

Facebook allows you to copy and paste text to somewhere else. Whether you want to copy text as a comment or status update, you can do so easily within the platform. So, if you are wondering how to copy and paste on Facebook, this guide will show you a step-by-step process to on how to copy and paste on Facebook.

This applies to your phone, windows PC or mac.

How to copy and paste on Facebook using your phone

  • Open the Facebook application on your phone and log in to your account with your email/phone and password.
  • Find the text you would like to copy
  • Press your finger over the text you’d like to copy, and tap the ‘copy’ button. This will copy the text you have selected
  • Navigate to where you’d like to paste the text. You can paste the text anywhere you’d like including Facebook post, comment or a different website.
  • Simply hold your finger where you want to paste the text and tap the “paste” option that appears in the menu.

What are the shortcuts to copy and paste on Facebook?

Copy and paste shortcuts allow you to easily copy and paste text from your Facebook feed without much hassle. Copy and paste shortcuts come in handy when you are browsing Facebook on your laptop or desktop. To copy and paste on Facebook while on PC, simply select the text that you want to copy by left-clicking then selecting the text. Once you have the text selected, right-click to select “copy”. Your text will now have been selected and ready to paste wherever you like.

To use copy and paste shortcut, simply press CTRL + C keys on your PC, or press Command + C on MacBook.

To paste the text you’ve just copied, press CTRL + V on your desktop or Command + V on MacBook.

However, you can only copy and paste text on Facebook. You can’t copy videos or photos on Facebook.


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