How to Organize Under a Kitchen Sink

If you are wondering what to store under the kitchen sink you may want to explore some unique ideas on how to turn this often-overlooked space into a valuable storage area. The space under your kitchen sink is often ignored or underutilized.

But letting this space go to waste is the last thing you want to do especially if you have a limited storage area.  

If you are like most people, under-the-sink space offers the perfect second junk drawer or dumping ground. But simply because the space is not very big or there are winding pipes running through it, it should not discourage you from making maximum use of the space.

Organizing the area under your kitchen sink could also make the space feel less dingy by giving your kitchen a clutter-free look. Here’s how you can organize under the sink and kitchen cabinet.

Declutter and categorize

Before anything else, it is important to take out everything from under the sink. By completely emptying the space, you will see everything there, including what has accumulated under the drawers.

These may include cleaning supplies, sponges, bottles and so much more. Discard anything that is old, leaking, broken or you are not using. Also, remember to clean the kitchen cabinet once everything is cleared out.

Once you have everything removed, categorize what is left by placing similar items together.

Lay down a liner beneath the sink

Keeping the space under a kitchen sink clean requires a lot of work. This is why you need to lay down a liner before you even arrange stuff immediately after you are done cleaning.

Occasional spills and leaks can often cause an unsightly appearance, but it is even harder to clean up. A lay-down liner is necessary instead of arranging on the bare surface to make it easy to clean. There are many wipeable liners out there that you can use to cover the bottom of your cabinet.

Use sink organizers

We all agree that the hardest part of organizing under the sink or cabinet is working around the pipes and the garbage disposal.

Sink organizers come in handy for utilizing available space while keeping everything in order.

But before you rush to buy a kitchen sink organizer, determine how much space is available and what size you need for it to fit in. in some cases, a cupboard drawer should provide ample storage and easy access to items.

Make use of the doors

Cabinet doors can be handy for storing everything from trash bags, paper towels, sponges, and shopping bags.

If you have limited surface space, hanging up could be the way to go. You can also hang small baskets on the inside of the door to accommodate more stuff. Make sure that you choose a design of a cabinet door organizer that best works with your cabinet door.

Choose between organizers that hook over the door or ones that mount to the door directly.

Spoil the rod

One of my favorite storage tricks is to install a tension rod across the kitchen cabinet space.

Hanging a rod above and across the area beneath gives you added space to suspend spray bottles. Instead of taking up the floor space below for supply bins and baskets, they free up more storage room.

A heavy-duty tension will support heavier bottles and do the trick.

Use a turntable to access deep spaces

It can be especially hard to make use of the deep space under the kitchen cabinet as you will need to navigate around the drainpipe.

Using a turntable can allow you to access the unreachable areas under the kitchen sink on the other side of the pipes.

The additional storage area can be used to store cleaning supplies, hairsprays, and lotions.

Install a light

Do you hate to fumble around when looking for what you want to retrieve? Adding a motion sensor light can do the magic trick and improve the look of the space under the sink.

Installing a light is an excellent way to brighten up the space and allow you to see what you want to retrieve. This way, you can avoid knocking things over and keep everything organized.  

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Pro Tip: How to organize under a kitchen sink

Follow these tips to organize the space under your kitchen sink. It is important to consider how much space you have under the sink before installing tension rods or using organizers. Are you using an undermount sink? If so, then the space beneath your sink may be limited compared to a drop-in sink. Overall, organizing your kitchen sink may avail more benefits that span from improving your kitchen and food hygiene to a better-looking kitchen space.

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