All You Need to Know About the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5 Impressions)

The PlayStation 5 is arguably the most anticipated gaming console in a long time. It doesn’t hit the stores until November 12 but we have a full review of what to expect when it’s finally available in the market.

ps5 sony play station 5

We’ll begin by highlighting what it looks like and what you’ll get inside. The PS5 is easily one of the biggest consoles we’ve seen. It is a solid 16 inches tall and wider than the PS4 Pro. The left side of the console is flat enough to rest the box horizontally. Most people will find it a bit stretched for their gaming center but you can simply set it on the floor. Luckily, the PS5 console comes with a black circular base that you can screw into the bottom of the console and holds it quite securely.

Design of the PS5

In terms of design, the PS5 is quite unique and different from previous consoles. Unlike the last two Xbox’s generation which was simply boxes, or the PS4 which was a parallelogram with a flat surface, this new console combines a traditional design with aesthetic cues. Most people agree that it is the most aesthetically unique console we’ve seen in years. Its shape with a white shell is quite strange but makes it stick out.

The front panel features two tiny buttons for power and disk eject just like PS4. You’ll also find a USB-A port and USB-C port, a HDMI port, ethernet port, and power cable connector.

The included DualSense Controller is certainly an improvement from the DualShock 4 and previous models. The controller is not overly redesigned though many have pointed out the similarities to the Xbox controller because of its plump shape. However, it still retains the PlayStation layout including the dual analog sticks in their usual positions.

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